FTG: For the girls

Periods | Transcend | Binaries

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30 days of FTG:
For the girls 2020
Periods | Transcend | Binaries

This year is our third year and we have renamed the event — FTG: Periods Transcend Binaries because we support ALL who are in need of sanitation products ~

To stay safe due to Covid, FTG is virtual this year and 30 days long! To stay true to the events of the past, we have live music that will be shared throughout the month from local musicians on our social media platforms. 

Along with the performances, local businesses and 18 businesses that sell with in our shop have donated to a large basket! This basket includes over $1,000+ in items generously donated by these local small businesses ~ this basket will be given away to one lucky winner! To enter in the basket giveaway, it is a $5 minimum to enter — you can enter more than once in $5 increments. Those who drop off physical donations (which is encouraged) will also be added to the basket giveaway! 

Over the course of the next 30 days, we will be accepting physical sanitation product donations in-store @ Old Soul Vintage (3627 B Cass Ave. Detroit, MI 48201) during normal business hours as well as monetary donations.

For monetary donations, please use
Venmo: oldsoul-vintage with “FTG DONATION” in the description 
You can PayPal: oldsoul.ftg@gmail.com (please send to friends and family if possible) OR you can donate in store / with physical donations

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The Grand Opening!

We held our grand opening on February 22nd, 2019.

Here are some of the memories captured that night.

For The Girls | 2019

FTG: (For The Girls) Periods Transcend Binaries Market

is a yearly non-profit charity event organized by Old Soul Vintage.

This charity event helps aid homeless women / trans / non binary people during their

periods with the basic menstrual products needed. 

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