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Styling Services

Old Soul Vintage is now offering a personal styling subscription service of vintage clothing and accessories!

Our styling service is available for any gender, orientation, and size -- For any eras of your interest from 1900s - Y2K.


Once you start your monthly subscription, we will email or text you to get a sense of your personal style / what you're trying to explore.


Once we get acquainted and set up your profile we will send you text alerts from one of our in store stylists. You can pass on items or fall in love with them and purchase all from your phone! 

Afterwards, $15.00/month. Cancel anytime.

Meet your Stylists

The OSV Stylists have been working in vintage for over 10+ years with a keen eye for any era and any style your looking to explore or grow!



Mary Capps

Mary has 10+ years experience in styling photoshoots, fashion shows, private clients and customers. She has a strong passion for vintage clothing and all the stylistic qualities they hold.

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Store Manager

Audrey Davis

Audrey has 4+ years in styling vintage clothing for photoshoots, clients, run-throughs, and customers. Her passion lies in letting personality shine through clothing.

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How much does it cost and what does it include?

Our Styling Fee is $15.00/month. OSV styling includes unlimited personal styling of pre-owned vintage items ranging across clothing, shoes, handbags + accessories.

What if the fit is wrong or I change my mind?

All sales are final! We pride ourselves in stellar communication, so if you should change your mind on something please be advised to let us know BEFORE the purchase is made. We will make sure the fit is perfect to your measurements given. 

How often do I get styled?

There is an unlimited amount of how often you can get styled in a month as long as you're paying the subscription.

Is this a subscription service?

Yes, OSV styling services is a subscription-based service. Once enrolled, your subscription will automatically renew once every month. The exact date of renewal is based on the date you initially signed up for the service. You are ALSO paying for any items you're wanting to buy.

Afterwards, $15.00/month. Cancel anytime.
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